Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Word in Pictures: Kitchen

This months "A Word in Pictures" post kind of snuck up on me... and with two sick kiddos this week, my procrastinating tendencies have left me in trouble! But instead of just pulling out this month, I thought I would just do some searching through pictures and compile some of scenes often seen in my kitchen, some more recent than others :-) I guess it's the daily norm moments that would most accurately define this for me, anyway! Enjoy!


 Making meals... (Fun to let the kiddos help.....easier & less stressful to give them something else to entertain them why you prepare meals, ha!)


Baking...Lots of baking!!!
(over a year ago!)

(last week!)

And waiting...

Bon Appetit! 

What's cooking in The Boone's kitchen?!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jabbering & Singing (new videos!)

Here are some recent videos of my kid-eos :-)

This makes me laugh...the farther it goes the more expressive he gets and it really seems like he is trying to reason with me and tell me something...Probably that I am a cruel mommy for putting his snack just out of reach to try & motivate him to crawl :-) I know I need to learn to take videos on my iPod bear with me!

Then we have my little singer, Evelyn. She loves music, loves to sing, loves any kind of instrument... And here I captured her sitting on a chair looking at this old kid's song book (that I took from my sister Amy when they were getting rid of stuff before their move!) that she loooves. She starts  off by sings "I've got the Joy" what she is saying is "down in my heart, where? down in my heart, where?" and then transitions to "Jesus Loves Me" which somehow leads into a line of two from "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".. Not sure if you'll be able to catch it all, but it is sooo cute and funny to me! And the last one is me trying to get her to sing....but she is prettty wound up! haha(P.S. I am really hoping she is not tone deaf and develop at least a mild sense of pitch ha!) Enjoy :-)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring Fever...

We got to get out and enjoy the lovely weather today! 
We are so excited for Spring!

 My pretty girl.

 Little Miss Attitude ;-)

She was very excited that our neighbor's basset hound 'Shernock" (Sherlock) was outside! 
(Poor girl still cannot say her "L"s haha)

When I told her to stay over by me....hahaha 

Too concerned about going to see Sherlock to sit for a picture with her brother :-)

 My sweet boy 

Can't wait for more sunny days!!!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Monthly Kiddo Update!

Evelyn is 2 years and 1 month!
-Evelyn is officially potty-trained! Hallelujah! While I still frequently remind her to tell me if she needs to go potty she now does very well and an accident is very rare (she does great at home, and even out in public-she seems to sometimes struggle while we're at church, though). This is very exciting!
-She has been in the 2's &3's Sunday School class at church for 3 weeks now. She loves it! She loves her teacher, Mrs. Petruna or as she is referred to around here, "Mrs. Petunia", haha! She is constantly singing songs that she learns, and it is fun to see the papers sent home in her church bag and talking to her about what they did. I can't believe she is big enough to be in an actual Sunday School class, *sniff sniff!*.
-For some reason now she starts a lot of her sentences off with "I DO".. As is "I do want to watch a movie, mom"  or "I do want a snack", "I do want to wash my hands" (one of her favorite pastimes lol)
- She also says a lot "Let's do somethin'" or "Let's go somewhere". Apparently life here at home is booorrrring!
-Here are some of her current favorites:
((keep in mind, the things in quotes are what SHE calls them :))
Movie- "Mike Wazowski", or Monster's Inc.
Song- "Hallelujah" by Keith & Kristyn Getty (the actual title is 'Creation Sings the Father's Song' but whatever :-))
         also "Wise Man Song" from Sunday School...(the wise man built his house upon the rock...etc.)
Snack- "Nitz Bitz" which are just regular Ritz crackers lol I laugh every time she says it, though.
Activities-  She loves playing with Squinkies and loves to paint.
Book- she always wants to read "Stinky face" at bed time and has the whole thing memorized.

Why do I feel like I get these looks MANY times throughout the day??

 I think her jammie pants are too long ;-)

Hunter is 7 months!
-At his 6 months appt. he weighed just over 17 lbs and was 27".
-As he continues to grow I've been introducing new foods to him. So far it seems his favorite are green beans, and doesn't seem too fond of peaches, or really anything with any chunks/texture left in it. He still eats it all, just sometimes with a confused/displeased look on his face haha
-He sits like a pro and now is finally getting his big belly kind of off the ground and attempting to scoot a little bit. His preferred position is definitely standing, though!
-It seems that we have ironed out most of our sleep issues, and he is sleeping 8pm-8am, and I have moved him to just taking 2 set naps as opposed to the three he was taking last month. Things are definitely more trial & error with him than with Evelyn, as she was fairly easy to figure out (schedule wise).
-He loves to laugh and smile. Especially at his big sissy. See video below :-)
-He is definitely a momma's boy and can get kind of clingy and want only me, so I am trying to nip that in the bud (while still enjoying that special affection :-)) by making sure he has regular independent playtime, and he does just fine with it.

This is a clip of a scene that is often played out in my house....Hunter laughing at his entertainment: Evelyn. You can hear in the video that Evelyn refers to him as "boy" or "Hunter boy"...but usually it's Hunty, Hunts, Huntsman, Huntsburger....hahahaha (I need to watch what I call him..)

(Sorry about the vertical video!)