Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Word in Pictures:: Messy

According to Webster's...
Messy: marked by confusion, disorder, or dirt

Well, if you ask me, according to that definition motherhood can be pretty messy! Please, don't misunderstand me... I love motherhood! I love being mom. I love my two little munchkins more than I could have ever imagined. But there are times, more than I am willing to admit, that I feel like my days are marked by confusion, disorder, and dirt. (Once summer comes and we spend most of our days outside, I am sure the dirt will be all the more plentiful) :-)

But lately, here is our messy...It's funny, because I normally would never desire to post pictures of my messy house, but right now, this is what my life is I want to remember the messes.

To remember the ridiculous amount of toys everywhere that just have to be dumped all over the floor...

Remember the messy stained shirts and dried booger-y noses...

 Remember the random pen marks found on a little face...   (especially when you have no idea where/when they got a pen.)

Because, years down the road when there are no more messes, I am sure a part of me will be longing for these days. And these sweet, messy faces!

Let's see what MESSY looks like for the Boone's :-) 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Monthly Kiddo Update

Evelyn is now 2!
(And I blogged about her birthday here!)

-My baby girl is two years old and I can't believe it!
-I feel like I say this every month but her vocabulary and arsenal of little phrases is rapidly expanding.  It seems she only needs to hear/learn a word once then it is immediately applied correctly to her vocabulary. She says the funniest things!
-It's so funny the things she picks up on. We have introduced her to her second Disney movie, 101 Dalmatians. So the other day she picks up her play phone and keeps saying, " Roger, She's not a FEEF!"...It took me a few times to figure out what she was saying... but there is a part in the movie when Anita is on the phone with Cruella and she says to Roger, "She may be a little eccentric, Roger, but she's not a thief!" ha!
-She has been wearing big girl undies for almost 2 weeks and she is actually doing quite well! She went 4 days without an accident (yeah!!!) ,then we had a couple days where it seemed she took a step back, but we will continue to work on it, and I am very pleased with how things are going and the end it very closely in sight! Woo! 
-We are currently working on her second memory verse, Philippians 2:14 'Do all things without grumbling or complaining" which is so cute to hear her say "grumblin". I tried to explain to her that it meant we do everything and obey with no whining or sometimes she will say "Do ALLLLLLL things with no grumblin' or cryin." Close enough ;-)
-Now she does this thing where she will grab my face, put her little hands on my cheeks and give me a kiss and say "I love you Momma!" Then my heart is in a puddle on the floor.
- She still loves to sing, dance, do anything arts & crafts, especially stamps and painting!

Hunter is now 6 months!
-The fun in having kiddos 18 months apart (almost to the day--same due  date!) is that it is easy to remember when one has a birthday, the other is at a HALF birthday :-)
-This past month Hunter has gotten his two bottom teeth, which are so cute!Though they really bothered him coming in... ow!
-Hunter can now sit up by himself, yay! Though I am still not ready to just sit him there and walk away without some pillows around because when he sees something he wants to grab or look at he often will ka-boom! But I always love this stage because they can actually sit & play with toys now, and be more alert and interactive with what is going on.
-He has been eating fruits & veggies and so far has had no complaints on what the cook serves ;-) So far so good.
- He takes 3 naps, which lately kind of stink and he wakes after 45 minutes, but hopefully it is just a phase and will snap out of it soon. 
- He loves to stand, and wants to walk around while holding someone's hands. I can't believe how big he is getting! 
-Evelyn & Hunter are each other's biggest fans which I love! 

(You can really see his little teeth in this one!!)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Evelyn's Birthday Photo Explosion!

Happy 2nd Birthday Evelyn!

Yesterday we celebrated 2 years with our Evelyn Joy...who is to us as her name-- a JOY!
I cannot believe how quickly these two years have gone as I still vividly remember the moment she was born and our lives were changed in an instant. 

She is so excitable and full of life and we were looking forward to spending the day celebrating her!
Especially since for the past week or so she has been asking if it was "feb-oo-ary FIF?!" and time for "PRINCESS CUPCAAAKES!"

She got a special breakfast of  "brown milk" and chocolate chip muffins I made that morning.

Then daddy said, "Evelyn do you want to take a birthday bath?!" And she totally made us laugh by responding with "Yeah! Sounds good!" (Which was funny because I have never heard he say that before) :-)

Love her little bouncy curls at the bottom after a bath...

Then she got to watch Tangled in her Princess Castle.

Then we opened some presents! Some new puzzles, some blocks, and some new arts & crafts supplies!

Playing with her new Ariel & Prince Eric for her castle...

Then we headed to Steak and Shake!

Waiting patiently for our cheeseburger...

Letting Snow White & Cinderella drive around while we wait...

She was REALLY excited about her first milkshake.... 


Finally.....Chocolate milkshake time!!!!

The long awaited Princess Cupcakes...

She loved when we sang to her...She kept asking for us to sing the "Happy birthday to you" song to her.

She actually blew it out :-)

Overall it was a fun and sugar-filled day celebrating our blessing that is Evelyn! Thank You Lord, for your gracious blessings I don't deserve.