Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Happy Birthday, Hunter!


I know I did not do a monthly update last month, but we have been soooo busy! Basically since the beginning of June we have had so much going on...Lots of trips, lots of traveling, lots of craziness, but as of last Saturday we are home and ready to get back into the swing of things.

Enough of that :) My little baby boy turns one today. It is amazing how fast it goes, but also amazing how I can't imagine life without him. He is such a happy, sweet, adorable, curly-headed momma's boy, and I absolutely adore him. He has brought so much joy to our family and I have loved experiencing the bond between a mommy & a little boy. And it is so sweet and just melts me when I see the bond and love between him & his big sissy, who just loves the kid to death, and will do anything (a zillion times) to make him laugh.

He now has 8 teeth, eats everything (and I mean everything!!), drinks out of a sippy cup, is drinking regular milk for the most part, can WALK finally (though he still prefers crawling for now!), loves to clap and wave, LOVES music, dancing, and singing, and we have discovered lately his love for destruction. Ha! I don't mean that as bad a it sounds. All I mean is he loves to knock things down, to push things around, and to get into everything. Every cabinet, every drawer, everywhere you don't want him to be. With this child we have experienced our first dropping of something in the toilet, first broken valuable, but thankfully those really aren't that big of a deal :) It is very interesting to see his personality come out as he grows, and see the great difference between our two kids. 

We love you so much Hunter, I am excited to spend your very first birthday with you! :-)

I will post some birthday photos later I'm sure, including some from a "cake smash" we did a few weeks ago with my good friend and photographer, Robyn....You will see why I put "cake smash" in

I am sure I've said it before, but I'll say it again...little boys in hats make me swoon!

(LOL, he always sits on grass like this because he doesn't like it poking his legs)

Best buds

With his freshly bathed afro.