Sunday, May 12, 2013

Monthly Greetham Update

Evelyn is 2 years & 3 months!
-IF you watched the video I posted here, you saw that Evelyn loves to sing and is doing it all the time.
-She just loves being outside, and it is fun watching her explore and enjoy nature. She loves watching and trying to sneak up on birds, and was very excited when we found a (hatched) robin's egg in the yard. And she loves flowers, and dandelions, and just running around in general. She also gets very excited when we go to the park, especially if we're meeting a friend to play with :)
-Speaking of friends, she loves people and loves when people come to visit. Some days when she wakes up she asks "Who is coming over to see me today?"  haha.
-She. Asks. SO. Many. Questions! It drives me a bit crazy because most of the time she knows the answer to the question. So I will say "You tell me!" and her response says she in fact, does know.
-She also feels a need to know the agenda for the day, and she likes to plan out the order of what we will do. Even as we put her to bed at night she is asking what we are doing the next day. And if you don't give her an answer she will startr to suggest things to do :) Such as "After I wake up, we can eat breakfast, go to the park, and then have a snack, and then watch a movie".
-I love this age because she is so fun, says the funniest things, and it is truly amazing seeing her grow and learn so much every day. That being said, this is definitely the hardest stage of parenting thus far!
She is definitely a strong-willed big personality and is taking every opportunity to test the boundaries. And a lot of times, by "test" I mean "cross". We are continually reminded on the importance of consistency in discipline and expectations. And, it can be so draining. But the Lord has commanded us to train up our children in the way they should go and in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, so we can know He will provide the grace to do so!

Hunter is 9 months!
-Hunter just cut teeth #5 & 6 and I am suspecting another making it's way.
-He is still crawling his own little style of crawl. He army crawls and only pushes with one leg (always his left!). Don't be deceived, the kid can get around very quickly!
- He also is pulling up to stand on things.
- He is sleeping great still..takes 2 naps..but lately keeps waking up at 6:30. Come on, now! Though the past few days he falls back asleep until 7:15ish. I guess I am just spoiled by Ev who has slept until 8:00 a.m. her whole life.
-He has started to eat more table food, and that is kind of fun. He really likes pinto beans, green beans, bananas,cheese, and peaches. Oh, and Cheerios--which can be found on the kitchen floor, on the living room floor, in his high chair, tucked in his clothes, on occasion under my feet etc... it seems those things hide and multiply!
-Hunter says "Eh-VA!" for Evelyn. Super cute.
-He is also going through a phase (hopefully ;)) where he growls all the time. Ha! I remember Evelyn doing the same thing at this age...I think he just thinks it sounds cool!
-Oh, and he can clap and does it all the time! He is so cute!

 You gotta love a picture of a sleeping baby!
 But it seems this time I took it too far :) Oops!

Forest & I are 30 and 24!! 
-Ha! Just kidding, I won't be telling you our ages monthly, but I figured we could put a little blurb in here about what's going on with US, as well as the kids. 
-Forest is currently in Nebraska on a turkey hunting expedition with his dad & a friend. I am thankful he has a week to relax and get away (though driving 19 hours away, waking up at 3:30 every morning, and sitting around hunting doesn't sound relaxing/fun to me)!  But, boy the kids and I sure can't wait until he comes home! 
-Forest has been very busy with his seminary classes, and this last one he just finished was pretty time consuming. In addition to his regular responsibilities at the church, he just started a young man's small discipleship group with a handful of guys and I know he is very excited about that. Now it's just gearing up for all the busyness that summer brings! 
-As for me, it is a very strange thing. When I go to put it in words, it doesn't seem like I am up to much, but staying home with my two kiddos is a pretty all-consuming task!
- But other than that, lately I have been getting VBS stuff prepared, and have enjoyed spending time with some friends when I am able. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Evelyn Singing :)

Evelyn has always loved music and singing, but lately it seems she is constantly singing songs she knows or making up her own. :) It is fun watching her develop. She now is able to sing along with someone/something as opposed to just repeating it after or her timing being off.  Here is a short video from lunch yesterday... She was taking it very seriously and you could tell was a little self-conscious about it. SO cute!