Monday, December 10, 2012

10 on 10::December

Here area quick few pictures of some Christmas fun with our family!

'Tis the season for yummy hot chocolate...

...with these awesome mini marshmallows I bought at the Miller's Apple Hill Orchard store!

She was very excited when we got out some of the boxes with Christmas stuff in them, though she has no idea what it was yet :-P

Evelyn loves to play with our Little People Nativity set.  I decided to set it out on our coffee table despite the fact that I knew I would be constantly resetting it up correctly thoughout the day. But it keeps her busy so I let it go!

Evelyn was enacting a modern version of the Christmas story...the angel came bearing good news... on his tractor!

She loved putting up these window clings.

Enjoying the lights!

Showing off her favorite Rapunzel ornament!

It is funny because she wants to go up the stairs as close to the wall as possible so she can look up at the tinsel garland I have wrapped around the railing :-)

I am very excited for our first Christmas as a family of four this year!!!
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  1. Precious baby under the tree! Our boys still love hanging out under the tree. :-)